The Grid Operators are forced
to sell electricity at negative prices
during periods of low demand.

Variable Energy Resources increase the cost of transmission and distribution within the existing framework of grid operations.

Used Electric Vehicle batteries can be
repurposed for grid level storage.

Electric vehicle batteries retain 80 percent of their initial capacity intact at the end of automotive use.

These batteries still retain significant storage capacity but don’t meet the requirements for automotive use.

Used EV batteries can provide an estimated 10 years of additional storage.

We have developed a process to repurpose EV batteries
to provide the cheapest $/kW (installed) grid level storage.

Grid storage can provide a wide range of grid-services.

Frequency Regulation

Maintaining Consistent System Frequency.

Load Leveling

Integrating Renewables, Reducing Surplus
Baseload Generation & Shaving Load Peaks.


Ramping performance in response to
system requirements.


Asset Deferral

Using Electricity Storage to Meet
Peak Load Growth.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Improving Power Quality And Mitigating
Short Duration Outages.

Our Company

Masood Energy wants to reimagine and create effective and efficient energy storage technologies. We are a group of enthusiastic students from the University of Waterloo who are dedicated to provide economical and efficient storage to the world. Our mission is to provide reliable grid level storage by repurposing used electric vehicle batteries. We envision a world that relies solely on renewable energy to meet all of humanity’s energy needs.

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